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I’m an Event Manager, Video Producer and Content Creator.

About Me

Howdy! I’m Michelle Belcher, an Event Planner, Video Producer, and Content Creator in Raleigh, North Carolina. I love making cool stuff. Whether it’s a video or organizing an event, it’s always exciting! 


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Event Management

Specifically familiar with both in-person and online charity events. But at every kind of scale.

Video Production

From Live Action to Motion Graphics. Pre-Recorded to Live Streaming. I love telling stories and seeing them come to life!

Content Creation

Original and Engaging. I've worked on several content projects for a variety of audiences niche and broad.


2019 - 2021

Limited Run Games

For two years, I worked primarily as a Customer Support Agent and connected with our customers via Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, Fresh Desk, and at in-person live events. My main specialty was shipping estimates and software issues with our products. I also had many secondary jobs including organizing our in-person events and conventions, creating our new inventory department and the tools they used, and helping marketing with their live streams during the 2020 pandemic.

2012 - Present

Mega Manathon

What started off as an advertisement to my personal twitch channel has grown into the world's largest Mega Man charity marathon. Sponsored by Capcom, MAGFest, FanGamer, and The Yetee. The event now has millions of unique viewers and around 70+ volunteer staff members and has raised over $40,000 in charity!

2014 - 2016


The last Graphic Designer before Team Sales go live. PlayerPass, DTG (Direct to Garment) and Quote Presentations. I've also dabbled in various other departments like Catalog, Video and Online marketing.

Recent Works

  • Everything
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  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Design

Guest App Walkthrough Screens

Guest App Walkthrough Screens

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“For the past six years I have worked with Michelle in her capacity as the organizer of an annual fundraiser known as the Mega Manathon, consisting of video game streaming and live-streamed concerts by some of the video game music scene’s biggest artists. As an artist myself, it has been such a pleasure working with Michelle; she is extremely organized, easy to get along with, and respectful of my time and needs. Whenever I have had questions about the event she has responded quickly. It’s been a real joy to watch the Mega Manathon grow every year in terms of viewership and attendance, donations, and production value. I am a full-time musician who has toured internationally, and performed at major festivals and on college campuses and the Mega Manathon remains one of the highlights of my year. I cannot recommend Michelle more to be a part of your team!”

Epic Game Music


"Working with Michelle Belcher is both fluid and a delight. Her attention to detail and professionalism are definitely her strongest characteristics. I always felt my brand was well represented and she always went the extra mile to make sure all my needs were met."

MC Moffit of Zeldathon


“I have worked with Michelle for the past few years, and I’ve gotten to know her quite well both personally and professionally. We first met through our shared interest in the charity gaming community, in 2016, when she was running a Mega Man event. Her leadership and management of everyone involved in the marathon was amazing, ensuring that all of the talent to appear on stage was on-time, happy, and knew how to communicate to the audience. Later, we worked together on a separate event where she invited me to work on ideas and assist with stream production. Along the way, she was very organized, and managed all of the event details very well, making sure that not only myself, but anyone involved, was up to date with any changing information. She definitely proved to me she could excel at scheduling, communication, management, and maintaining relationships with many people at once, to ensure the event went well. It can’t be understated how understanding and optimistic of a colleague she is. When issues did arise, she kept calm and worked swiftly to correct it, and it made it very stress-free for everyone involved. Michelle is a stellar friend of mine, and I am always happy to work with her on events, and know she will be a great asset to any project she is involved with.“

Matt Papa of Inti Creates


"I've had the pleasure of knowing Michelle for many years now, and had the opportunity to see her work on Mega Manathon both as an observer and as a participant. Michelle does a fantastic job of not just running this charity event, but he maintains and builds the community surrounding it all year round. She does what it takes to get the job done, volunteers her time to great causes, and is a fun, engaging, and reliable gal. I think she'd do an excellent job in any role!"

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